The project addresses the specific objective to support the setting up of a new joint qualification to support the validation requirements, professionalization and mobility of Europe‘s emerging Job Brokers. Europe’s PES’s must keep pace with ever-faster changes in the world of work, given their core mandate of bringing together young people and jobseekers with job vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities.

This has become a complex task, where ‘skills’ sit firmly at the centre. The occupational profile of the Job Broker has distinct considerations that need to be strengthened because of that and this stresses the need to offer formal recognition of an increasingly important professional occupation.

To prepare individuals holistically for this role requires wider knowledge beyond the traditional counselling. The project will therefore develop a new curriculum programme and joint certification model as a mobile and transferable qualification, the European Professional Certificate for Job Brokers, benchmarked to the EQF Level 6. Aimed at current professionals at work, the curriculum will be designed for assessment against a specifically-designed series of work-based learning outcomes, founded on specified competencies to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding.

This will be complemented by the project’s development of a new Association of European Job Brokerage Certification Authorities.