The CQJB Mid-Term Conference

On the 17th of October the Mid-Term Conference of the Project “Certification and Qualification for Europe’s Job Brokers (CQJB)” took place at the gsub – Gesellschaft für soziale Unternehmensberatung mbH in Berlin. The Event was designed as a multiplier event to inform and discuss about the latest developments in the project with the professional public. 40 participants followed the invitation and took part in the event.

In the first part of event, Richard Parks from Rinova Ltd. presented the Job Broker project: wherefrom the idea for this come (payment by results), what we have already done and what we will still do. Further, he presented the project approach and the main challenges.

In the second part all project partners introduced their company/organisation. They also presented the current situation on the labour market in their country/region, most important labour market challenges for the future and how/ where Job Broker could be used prospective in their countries.


Our certification agency ACTA presented the developing schemes for the certification of persons.

In the third part of the event, Dr. Barbara Philippi presented about the labour market situation in Berlin from the view of Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs.

The feedback of the conference delegates was very positive. They got an idea about what the Job Broker is and learned something about the partner countries. They could see how the partners with all their different skills and different influences from different countries created together the Job Broker QF and that all this shaped the result and is a part of.


2nd Transnational meeting in Zaragoza, Spain

In February the project’s partners met in Zaragoza for a project meeting. We were hosted by our Spanish partner CCIZ, the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services. This was a successful meeting where partners focused mainly on the Qualification Profile and Learning Curriculum, a deliverable led by MMC, Cyprus and  on the Certification Scheme, a deliverable led by ACTA, Greece.

CQJB's kick off meeting

In the middle of October 2018 the CQJB partners met in London to launch the new Erasmus+ Key Action 3 Project, “Certification and Qualification for Europe’s Job Brokers”. The Project follows the previous, successful, Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Project, Job Broker, that ended in August 2018. With almost the same group of partners on board, who will be introduced later in this e-zine, the new project added three new ones from Spain, Sweden and Greece to strengthen the partnership.

Working together, the partners in the previous project, had identified how accelerating policy reform in public services is impacting on the way services are organised in publicly-funded programmes to support job-seekers. These changes are 'pushing' organisations and practitioners to look beyond traditional roles of 'job coaching' and employment counselling, and extending the skills required beyond 'job-matching'. This requires more in-depth and direct work with the job-seekers and with employers to create - and sustain - job placements.

Over the next two years the partners will design, test and establish a new internationally-recognized professional qualification for Job Brokers that is to be accredited through ISO 17024. They will also explore how a professional certificate can be accredited for the purposes of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that is used widely in Higher Education.

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